Take a major step forward. As an ABCD SummerWorks participant, you’ll take part in career development workshops and be placed in a job that gives back to the community, all while earning a paycheck.


SummerWork ParticipantsWHO QUALIFIES?

If you’re a Boston resident age 14 to 21, we welcome you to apply. But apply early because space is limited. Each year we start accepting applications on February 1st. Visit the ABCD SummerWorks website to submit your application, and be sure to include all supporting documents.



You’ll learn skills that will serve you now and throughout your life, including:

  • Resume writingSummerWork Participants
  • Financial education
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Conflict resolution

We’re as focused on your success as you are. That’s why you’ll also have a dedicated ABCD youth services specialist and a supervisor in your workplace.

Every year, ABCD SummerWorks provides hundreds of Boston youth like you with a summer job at more than 100 workplaces throughout the city. You might explore a career path at a hospital, health center, day camp, child care center, government agency—any number of options.

These days, finding a job on your own can be difficult. Becoming an ABCD SummerWorks participant can help you move from youth to adulthood with confidence and purpose. Get on a track for success in high school and college, a career you choose, and higher earnings in the future.