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Each year, Action for Boston Community Development serves more than 100.000 low income people in Boston and the Mystic Valley—and throughout the Commonwealth—through a broad range of innovative initiatives, as well as long-established, proven programs and services.

Funding comes from government agencies, foundations, community organizations and individual donors. Our Annual Report lists current contributors and shows how their investments help to drive our clients’ success.

To gauge ABCD’s immediate and long-term impact, our Planning department conducts and draws on leading research and develops strategies to ensure that our programs and services are results-driven and that a broad range of evaluative information including program outcomes, client tracking statistics, and customer satisfaction feedback is captured to support ongoing program development.


Evaluation and Innovation

Every three years, ABCD conducts a strategic planning process to assess and identify the needs of the low-income residents of Greater Boston. This thoroughgoing process includes a community needs assessment, review of organizational priorities and service delivery strategies, and engagement of a broad range of ABCD’s constituencies–Board members, community residents, staff, and members of the local government, business and nonprofit communities.

Our goal is to propose and implement forward-thinking solutions that help families and individuals in the near-term as well as to add our voice to public policy debate and lasting advancements.


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